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About Me

My name is Andrea Arcamone I learned my first crotchet stitch about 13 years ago. I made a few baby blankets and a scrap blanket for practice but got bored quickly. I put my hook down for over 10 Years. At the time, I had a small bath product business making and selling soaps, bath bomb, Candles, wax melts, body butters, etc, and wanted some handmade crocheted soap sacs to put them into for customers. After paying a friend from out of state to make 20 for me, I realized how simple they were to make, and I decided to figure it out on my own. I binged watched every kind of tutorial for three days, got my one hook and a skein of yarn and went to work. I decided to make slippers as I already had the soap sacs and became "hooked". I vowed to learn everything I possibly could which would turn my little bath company into a clothing boutique with bath products in it. 

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